Hi! I’m Christina. I’ve been a retail buyer, personnel and operations manager, in-house marketing manager, and most importantly - a successful small business owner for nearly 10 years. After selling my business, I got my Master’s in Organizational Leadership and now I’m the EVP at a digital marketing company. Now that I’m a few years away from business ownership, my entrepreneurial bug has bitten me again. This blog is an opportunity for me to share what I’ve learned in the past 25+ years. I hope you learn from my successes (and my mistakes)! You can learn more about me by viewing my LinkedIn profile.

How to choose the right type of content marketing for your small business

How to choose the right type of content marketing for your small business

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Content marketing has become the cornerstone of most smart business owners’ digital marketing strategies. Unfortunately, creating content, ensuring your content strategy and SEO strategy work together, and developing a content marketing calendar is WORK. A lot of work. And there are a ton of platforms you can include in your content marketing strategy. For example:

  • You can write a whitepaper and post it to your website, or create a landing page with a registration form connected to an inbound marketing campaign, then promote your whitepaper on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  • Work with a videographer create a video and post it in to your website and in social channels

  • Create your own low-budget video content using your phone and a live platform such as Facebook live

  • If public speaking is part of your small business marketing strategy, you can upload presentations, case studies, or e-books to Slideshare

  • Write articles and post information to your LinkedIn account

  • Write a blog post every week

  • Use traditional PR to gain press coverage and SEO-building backlinks to your website

  • Publish an e-newsletter

  • And on and on and on…

What small business owner has time for all this? Even large companies struggle to keep up with it all. And there’s nothing worse than setting up an online profile and then abandoning it. Especially because Google is now telling us that buyers, even B2B buyers, are moving themselves down the sales funnel, avoiding actual human contact until absolutely necessary.

As a former business owner and entrepreneur, I know you guys are busy people. It’s important that you recognize your strengths and outsource your content marketing if you know you can’t follow your own content marketing calendar. Hiring a writer can help you create great content and ensure your it is published on a timely basis. Outsourcing content can also ensure you have more time for building your business and servicing your customers. Plus, if you select a writer with SEO experience, your content will include target keywords, helping you gain extra search engine visibility from their efforts.

So take your time. Think about what you actually can do. Pat yourself on the back for what you accomplish. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities, but remember that just because a new social media platform exists or that a new form of content is suddenly all the rage, you don’t have to use it.

How to write the perfect elevator pitch for your small business (and adapt it for referral sources)

How to write the perfect elevator pitch for your small business (and adapt it for referral sources)

Marketing Strategies for the hidden B2B customer

Marketing Strategies for the hidden B2B customer