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SEO basics for entrepreneurs

You need to attract your prospective customers to your new website. It’s not easy. You’re competing with literally thousands of other websites, and many of them already have the attention and trust of your target market and Google. The only way you can win is to understand Search Engine Optimization marketing (SEO marketing) so you can implement SEO best practices.

What every small business can learn from the Payless/Palessi influencer stunt

Have you seen the commercials in which Payless shows how they duped influencers into raving about their $20 shoes and offering to pay up to $640 for a single pair? Similar to the old Folgers Instant Coffee commercials from my childhood, the point was supposedly to show that the quality of the featured product was higher than the average consumer might think. Instead, I think both commercials illustrate the importance of marketing.

How to rethink the 4 Ps of marketing

Once upon a time, we all learned about the 4 Ps of marketing – product, place, price, and promotion. Recently, I heard a speaker mention an article in Harvard Business Review that suggested that the 4 Ps of marketing are dead and should be replaced by a better model – SAVE. SAVE replaces the 4 Ps in a way that makes a lot of sense for service-oriented small businesses.