Hi! I’m Christina. I’ve been a retail buyer, personnel and operations manager, in-house marketing manager, and most importantly - a successful small business owner for nearly 10 years. After selling my business, I got my Master’s in Organizational Leadership and now I’m the EVP at a digital marketing company. Now that I’m a few years away from business ownership, my entrepreneurial bug has bitten me again. This blog is an opportunity for me to share what I’ve learned in the past 25+ years. I hope you learn from my successes (and my mistakes)! You can learn more about me by viewing my LinkedIn profile.

4 Simple confidence boosters for entrepreneurs

4 Simple confidence boosters for entrepreneurs

simple confidence boosters for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get your confidence shaken. Maybe you lost a proposal, or a client fired you, sometimes your customers won’t pay, or business rolls in slower than you’d like. If you occassionally suffer from imposter syndrome, a loss of confidence can hit you even harder. 

 When I owned my business, I worried all the time, especially at first or whenever I made a big change, like moving to a bigger office or hiring someone new.

Here’s how I coped:

Look at your plan. You do have a marketing or a business plan, right? (link) Looking at your plan can remind you of the good work you have in progress. It can help you remember how you brought your customers in the door. And it gives you a reason to take action. Sometimes just doing something, anything, is enough to make you feel better. 

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Get away. I know, it sounds crazy. You’re a dedicated entrepreneur. You could NEVER take a vacation! Right? Wrong! You can and you should take a vacation every year. I usually scheduled my vacations over a holiday so that my clients were less likely to be taking work seriously. I let them know I’d be gone and once I had employees, they covered for me. My business did not fall apart, and the time away forced me to slow down and rest. It gave my brain time to relax and I came back with better ideas and new hope for the future. 

Help someone else. Get out there and network. Go through your contacts and make a list of people you haven’t seen in a while. Schedule coffees or lunches with as many as possible. Find out what’s challenging them and hand out lots of free advice. You’ll be paying it forward and you’ll realize how much you know. 

Swing with your favorite club. I took golf lessons a few years back. When we played badly or got frustrated, Coach Suzy would tell us to pull out our favorite club and use it, whether it was the right club for the shot or not. (If you’re a golfer, try this, it really works!) You’ll hit the ball well and get out of your own head, making all your other shots easier. The same is true with a loss of confidence in the business world. If you’re feeling insecure, work on something you know you’re good at. Your feelings of accomplishment will make you feel more positive about the future. 

It’s not always easy for entrepreneurs to maintain self-confidence. Remember, everyone falters, everyone worries and some days are better than others. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually, you’ll be back on track again! 

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