How to stop saying I’m sorry all the time

Most people want to be likeable. That’s a good thing, because the desire to be likeable leads us to behaviors such as minding our manners, fighting fairly, or providing “constructive feedback” rather than just telling our co-workers what we really think. Unfortunately, research shows that for many women the need to be likeable leads to a tendency to apologize when no apology is needed.

My top 8 working mom life hacks

Being a mom is a big, BIG job. Whether you work in or out of the house, for yourself or someone else, the life of a working mom complicated, messy, and exhausting. If you’re struggling to achieve better work life balance, you’re not alone. As a working mom and entrepreneur, I’ve figured out a few life hacks that helped me survive my girls’ younger years. I’m not sure if I have ever managed to successfully achieve work life balance, but these tactics helped me retain my sanity long enough to get them to the ages of 20, 17, and 15!

How I overcame impostor syndrome

Have you ever felt like you’re on the edge of failure? Like you’re just one inch from everyone around you discovering that the reason for your success is pure luck and nothing else? You’re not alone. That feeling is called imposter syndrome, and it affects almost everyone, believe it or not.