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Three fun and easy ways to create a vision board

Three fun and easy ways to create a vision board

three fun and easy ways to create a vision board

If you’re hoping to make 2019 your best year as a business owner, a leader, or just as the amazing person you are, you should make a vision board.

Vision boards, also known as dream boards, can empower and inspire you to greater achievement of goals for your business and your life. How to create a vision board is completely up to you, but why you should create your vision board is simple - it can help you define your dreams and lead to greater business success by activating the law of attraction.

Our brains are wired to see patterns. If we continually expose our thoughts to something (whether it’s good or bad), our brains automatically look for that same thing as we go through our day. This phenomenon is called frequency illusion. You’ve probably experienced frequency illusion many times in your life. Here’s an example. Maybe you’re like me and you don’t pay any attention to cars. I literally can’t tell you what type of car any of my friends drive (other than the color). But when the time came for me to buy a new car, I suddenly noticed my choice (a red Honda CRV) EVERYWHERE. Frequency illusion (also known as the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon) is to blame for my sudden ability to spot a CRV in a parking lot. Or on the street. Or pretty much anywhere.

Athletes often use visualization as a way to prepare for the intense stress of competition. Imagining success helps them feel like they have already achieved their goals, making them more likely to “repeat” the performance when the time is right.

How to create a vision board

First, you need to think about what you want to achieve in 2019. Then, find images or quotes that represent those goals. You can look online, in magazines, even take your own photos. Your vision board should include things you want or things you want to happen. It should also include reminders of the way you want to feel. Sometimes, focusing on the way you want to feel instead of the things you want can actually result in the achievement of both goals. You feel better about yourself, and that can lead to the ability to take advantage of opportunities or to put yourself out there in a way that brings the things you want into your life. For example, if you’re hoping to enhance your leadership skills, you might want to include leadership quotes or or photos of people exhibiting leadership characteristics or traits.

Put your photos somewhere you can see them every day. You might not look at your visions with intention every day, but you are seeing what you want and your mind is registering the images. Here are three easy ways you can create a vision board you’ll want to look at every day.

If you have a long commute or drink a lot of coffee, turn your travel mug into your vision board. You’ll look at it every day while you sip. I love how easy it is to incorporate your vision board into your life. The only disadvantage is this type of vision board doesn’t give you a lot of room. You’ll either need to use smaller photos or limit your focus to just a few of your top ambitions.

If you prefer something that can sit on top of your bedroom dresser or on your desk at work, try one of these umbrella-shaped wire picture holders with clips. You can easily switch out the images year after year as you achieve your goals and set new ones.

If you have a little more space, you might want to try a frame with clothespin clips, like this:

No matter how you create your vision board, you’ll find that setting intentions and visualizing success will help you create change in your life. Look at your vision board every day. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll achieve in the next year, simply by setting your goals and reminding yourself of what you want to accomplish in 2019.

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